Elimination of:

Taxes of any kind at any time. NO MORE TAXES EVER!!!
Debt (personal and national)
• Starvation/Hunger
ID Theft
Financial Stress
• Social Security and Medicare problems
Government oppression including any need for government regulation of business
• Poverty as we know it today
• Many sorts of crime including organized crime
• Aggressive wars by such a society; though defensive warfare would still be possible
• The boom-and-bust business cycle (we are now entering a "bust")
• The need for most government other than military and police
• Trade imbalance between our country and others

Elimination of the need for:

• Banks and bankers
Budgets and budgeting
Credit as capital and credit cards
Insurance and other such gambles
• Paperwork, excessive bureaucracy & red tape
• People to stay in relationships that don’t work for economic reasons
Working under intolerable circumstances
• Labor Unions as we know them today (they will be more like the old-time guilds since their concerns will be more about creativity and safety than pay or benefit issues)

Great reduction in or elimination of:

• Discrimination (for any and all reasons)
• Government corruption

Provision to all, at no charge, of:

Basic necessities (standard food & toiletries, clothing & shelter)
Capital goods
All levels of education
Healthcare (including well checkups and treatment for illness/injury)
Privacy from spying by business, government and neighbors

Provision of:

• Author estimates rates of roughly 25% increase in productivity the first year and 10% or more each year thereafter